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Frequently Asked Questions

You've read all the details, but you still have questions.  That's AWESOME! Questions are really great, and they insure that we are on the same page before your session takes place. 

Here are some answers to questions that you may have.  If there is something you want to know that isn't covered anywhere on my website, please click the "contact" link below and send me a message - I will respond promptly with an answer to your question.

Q: How do I book my session? 

A: It’s very simple - email or call me and we’ll choose a date. We will choose a location and design a session to fit you perfectly. 


Q: When is payment due? 

A: Your session fee is due at time of booking and payment for print orders is due when you place your order.


Q: What form of payment do you accept? 

A: Cash, PayPal & Credit Cards (US shoots only). 


Q: What should we wear to our family session?

A: I will send out a What To Wear Guide when you book your session and am happy to consult on style and wardrobe questions. 


Q: Can I schedule a mini session on my preferred date?

A: No, mini sessions will be announced on a scheduled date and multiple clients will sign up for the announced date and location with staggered times. 

Q: I am a high school senior. Do you do senior photos?

A: Heck yes! I love doing senior portraits, so just send me an email!


Q:  Can you find someone to do my hair and makeup for me?  

A: Yes!  I know several wonderful makeup artists and stylists who can come right to your session and take care of you beautifully.  The add-on fee for that service is around $250.  If this is something you want I will handle the booking. 


Q: What happens if there is poor weather on the day of our outdoor session? 

A: In the event of bad weather during a scheduled outdoor session we will either choose from a suggested indoor location or reschedule for a different date (I build weather days into my shooting schedule).  


Q: What if I need to reschedule? 

A: Not a problem. I know that people get sick, or emergencies arise. I appreciate 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule, and I will find another time for you.  For Mini Sessions rescheduling is not an option without a documented emergency. 


Q: How many pictures do you take?   Do I get to see them all?

A: I take TONS of photos.  Often I will take several of the same pose to make sure I get everything just right.  I will go through and select the best images to edit and deliver to you.  


Q: Do you do retouching? 

A: Yes, it’s included. In addition to my custom hand-edits, I remove blemishes, and do other types of retouching. More involved edits like multiple head swaps, removal of braces, and more extensive touchups will incur an extra charge. There are some kinds of edits that I will send to photoshop specialists and will charge their rates

Q: Is editing included in the fee?

A: Yes, as stated above, basic editing such as color and exposure correction is included in the session fee. Additional edits can at times cost extra. After I deliver the images, you will have 30 days for free editing, after 30 days charges apply.


Q: How soon after our session will I be able to see my pictures? 

A: Typically I will have the images edited and ready for you in about a week.  In rare cases it might take up to two weeks. 


Q: Can I do a Mini Session with my extended family?

A: Unfortunately because it is a more rushed photoshoot I only do the Mini Sessions for immediate family members. 

Q: How do we order pictures? 

A: If you want to order photos from me that is definitely an option.  After booking I will send out a price list and am happy to fulfil any orders you might have.  These orders typically take 7-10 days to fulfil. 


Q: What do you use for editing?

A: I use both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.


Q: How long do you keep the photos?

A: In an ideal world, forever, however sometimes drives fail. I guarantee all files for 6 months. Because of the massive size of RAW files I only guarantee RAW edits for 30 days (but almost always much longer than that)

Q: Do you take photos of newborns?
A: Nope, but I am happy to recommend people do!

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